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Canal livre entrevista jose mujica na integra youtube. For this reason, he lives away from any opulence, drives his own car, does not employ any house cleaning or assistance, works mainly from his home and. Band deve gravar o canal livre com o presidente do. Jose mujica was the former president of uruguay, who is known for implementing progressive reforms and legalizing marijuana sales in the country. The wisdom of the worlds most humble president cervigni, mr lucas, lucce on. Jose mujica, whose lifestyle clearly differs sharply from that of most other world leaders. He is a inspirational personality with good thoughts for mankind.

Band grava canal livre com mujica flavio ricco 26032014 00h05. When his father was crushed by heavy debt, which eventually led to his death, jose was forced to help his family survive. Jul 17, 2014 9 images show why jose mujica is the president youve always wanted. Uruguays jose mujica was liberals dream, but too good to be true. Uruguay bids farewell to jose mujica, its pauper president bbc news.

Books are important to the former guerrilla fighter who spent a total of years in jail, two of them lying at the bottom of an old horse trough. Twelve years later, ive since learned that jose mujica is probably uruguays biggest, dirtiest lie. Uruguays jose mujica was liberals dream, but too good to be. Mujica says to be coherent with his way of thinking, he declares that he takes from the world only what he needs. He has donated salaries to poor people and small entrepreneurs. Jose alberto pepe mujica cordano is a uruguayan politician who served as the 40th.

Jose mujica, the black sheep of politics life english. Toward the end of his administration 20102015, then uruguayan president jose pepe mujica made headlines across the world with a. Growing up in the poor and remote section of his native country, he had a difficult start in life. Apr 09, 2015 it has taken 18 months to negotiate through numerous press and legal offices, but i and my colleague, the british film director ken mcmullen, have finally come face to face with jose mujica, the philosopher president of uruguay. He told obama that americans should smoke less and learn more languages. Lugares culturais, paisagens,artistas,curiosidades e.

Jose mujica, as president of uruguay, was a fellow member of the global elite. Pepe mujica thought is universal and at one read this book will learn a lot from his saying. Libro jose mujica descargar gratis pdf libros ebooks. The 79yearold uruguayan president jose mujicawho leaves office at the end of next monthis at first glance an unlikely head of state. Migual rojoafpgetty images in the 1980s and 90s the governments led by sanguinettis colorado party, and their. On a spring day in 1969, mannise was at home alone with his. President mujica has rejected the use of the presidential palace and chosen to stay living in his house, a small farm on the outskirts of montevideo. Another wonderful book about the worlds most humble president. Apr 01, 2014 canal livre entrevista jose mujica na integra marcio pinheiro. Veja canal livre entrevista jose mujica no dailymotion. Learn more about mujicas life and career, including his tenure as president. Sep 18, 2014 jose mujica casts his vote during the presidential election in 2009. Band deve gravar canal livre com o presidente do uruguai. Mensagem mais recente mensagem antiga mensagem antiga.

In keeping with the approach he developed while imprisoned for 14 years as a leftist tupamaro urban guerrilla, mujica repudiates materialism. His mothers parents were very poor immigrants from liguria. A member of the broad front coalition of leftwing parties, mujica was minister of. May 18, 2014 president jose mujica of uruguay, a 78yearold former marxist guerrilla who spent 14 years in prison, mostly in solitary confinement, recently visited the united states to meet with president obama and speak at a variety of venues. He lectured a roomful of businessmen at the us chamber of commerce about the benefits of. Lucy cordano was born in carmelo, where her parents had bought 2 hectares 4. I find myself arguing with my argentinian, chilean, or spaniard friends when they say. And this is what he wants us to know about happiness. Canal livre entrevista jose mujica video dailymotion. Uruguays president, jose mujica, has become a cult favorite in international politics. To know more about his childhood, career, profile and timeline read on. Jose mujica, uruguayan politician who served as president of uruguay 201015 after being long imprisoned for his guerrilla activities with the tupamaro revolutionary organization. Uruguays jose mujica lives in a tiny house rather than the.

Prezydent urugwaju jose mujica ma 78 lat mieszka na farmie, jezdzi starym garbusem, a to, co zarobi, prawie w calosci oddaje potrzebujacym. Here is another translation by a wonderful speech by mujica. The latest jose mujica stats, video highlights, news and more from. Band grava canal livre com mujica entretenimento bol. Mujica s father was a small farmer who went bankrupt shortly before his death in 1940, when his son was five. Apr 01, 2014 o presidente uruguaio, jose mujica, em entrevista ao programa canal livre, da tv bandeirantes. The wisdom of the worlds most humble president kindle edition. This book is an introduction to the politics and philosophy of an unrepentant permanent militant whose evolution took him from defeated guerrilla warrior to. May 04, 2015 former uruguayan president jose pepe mujica has starred at the buenos aires book fair with the presentation of a black sheep to power, a portrait of the leader who admitted that in some sense he c.

Canal livre entrevista jose mujica na integra marcio pinheiro. I am a rough kind of peasant and the only merit i have is being a little basque, stubborn, tough, insistent, constant, and thats. A man whos lifestyle differs radically from other heads of state. A former leader of the marxist tupamaros, the countrys main guerrilla group, he spent years in prison under. Jose mujica, a former guerrilla who took office in 2010, shuns opulence, donates most of his salary and lives modestly, as he says a leader of a proper democracy should. Jose pepe mujica tells us what happiness really is lifegate. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Mujica elogia lula e fala sobre brasil, uruguai, eua e maconha.

He is considered the poorest president in the world because he donates 90 percent of his salary. Jose pepe mujica, uruguays former president, is presenting his new book, a black sheep to power, in italy. Dear compatriots, presidents, gentlemen, foreign affairs ministers, colleagues of these years of vicissitudes, i have to thank you infinitely. Another wonderful book about the worlds most humble. O presidente uruguaio, jose mujica, em entrevista ao programa canal livre, da tv bandeirantes.

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